Rider profiles - photos by www.grahamplatten.co.uk
Photo of Adrian Rymel

Adrian Rymel (b: 30-10-1975, Koprivnice, Czech Republic)

Now starting his 5th UK season, and thankfully his 5th in the Bandits' colours. In his initial seasons he turned out to be the unexpected top Berwick-Czech putting in some very fine laps of speedway, from the gate and roaring up from the rear in spectacular style. He dramatically improved his performance throughout the last few years with the excitement value going up as well.

Peter has taken him on once more well in the knowledge that the best is still to come. He's universally popular with the Shielfield faithful, and his return has been met with nothing but delight. His official meeting debut for Berwick (challenges not included) came at home vs. Sheffield on March 31st 2001, when he scored 9 from 5. His average record has been around the 7.00 mark, but is still looking for a big improvement this season.

Photo of Adam Pietraszko

Adam Pietraszko (b: 18-8-1982, Poland)

Was a complete unknown name in the UK back in April 2004, yet the whole Premier League has sat up to take very close notice of this very exciting Pole after he set the Berwick scene alight in the last 6 months of the 2004 season.

His overtaking is somewhat unorthodox, passing in places others don't, or daren't! Hence his exciting tag, and if you think he, being a Pole, won't like little tiddly tiny tracks, think again he scored 14 from 5 at Rye House in only his second UK meeting for Berwick ever! THE one to watch as 2005 unfolds. He will also be doubling-up with the Peterborough Panthers in the Elite League, which will no doubt do his overall riding no end of good.

Photo of Chris Schramm

Chris Schramm (b: 30-5-1984, Maldon)

First rode his speedway at the Sittingbourne track, although his first active sporting role was in the field of Showjumping at 14 years of age. When it became apparent that his sporting interests maybe lay more with 2 wheels rather than 4 legs, he sold his horse for a speedway bike! His UK division 2 speedway debut was actually made for our own Berwick Bandits as a guest appearance at Swindon on June 1st, 2000 when he scored 1+1 from 4.

The rest of his 2000 season was spent with Peterborough in the Conference League, and briefly with Arena-Essex in the Premier League. In 2001 he joined the Reading Racers where he stayed mostly (bar 2003 when he rode for the Newport Wasps) until his signing by the Bandits for 2005. Having ridden an arduous season with Reading in 2004, doing well in the main body of the team, his start at Berwick's reserve berth will no doubt boost his confidence to initiate an even better year for this enthusiastic youngster whom Berwick actually eyed up with a view to signing back in 2000.

Photo of Tom P. Madsen

Tom P. Madsen (b: 24-11-1977, from Esbjerg, Denmark)

Made his UK debut for the Bandits in April 1999, averaging 6 in that opening season. He moved on loan to King’s Lynn in the Elite League come 2000, the club he stayed with until last season (bar sometime with Ipswich in 2003) when he returned for the last few months of the year back with the Bandits to cover the hole left by the released Claus Kristensen, when Madsen averaged around the 8 ½ point mark.


Photo of Michal Makovsky

Michal Makovsky (b: 6-4-1976, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic)

Another Czech beginning his 5th Bandit's season in his 5th UK year. His career has followed Rymel's very closely, but has been hit by a couple of major injuries, the latest coming in 2004, finishing his season at the end of May with a nasty arm injury that thankfully is now well and truly sorted after a very long haul.

He has shown flashes of brilliance, like his return from his previous injury at Hull when he hit a 15 point maximum. Gritty and determined.. a typical Czech who made his official debut for Berwick vs. Sheffield on March 31, 2001 scoring 10+1 from 5 rides. His average has been gently creeping towards the 8.00 mark, and again is fully expected to achieve that figure in 2005.


Scott "The Scud" Smith (b: 29-9-1973, Sheffield)

Scott, the scud, Smith made a very welcome to Berwick after a year our of action, once again coming back from injury, as he did for Sheffield a season or so ago when he had suffered that frightening crash as a Bandit 1st time round which resulted in nasty facial injury.

Scott is a natural born racer who is only happy when jetting round the tracks of the UK as fast as possible, having first ridden grass track at the tender age of 6. He progressed to Speedway at 15, at the Bradford training school. His UK debut was made for Cradley Heath vs. King's Lynn on October 20th, 1990, when he failed to score from 3 rides, whilst his division 2 debut came for Sheffield vs. Stoke on April 3rd, 1997, scoring 13 from 5.

His career has seen him appear for both Cradley Heath and Sheffield at Division 1 level, and the Tigers, Bandits and Exeter Falcons at Premier Level.

Carl Wilkinson

Carl Wilkinson (b: 16-5-1981, Boston)

Wilkinson first hit the track in 1997, riding at Peterborough’s press and practice day before making his UK debut at Division 3 level for Peterborough vs. Buxton in May ‘97 scoring 1 from one ride, but much better was to come from this fine and tidy speedway rider.

At Conference League level, after Peterborough he as appeared for Norfolk, King’s Lynn, Newport and his last club, Boston, where he has ridden successfully this year as their number 1 so far.

His longest spell at Premier League level was with the Wasps of Newport in 2002, riding the full season for an average of 4.31, although did trial for Hull who failed to follow the lead up.